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My name is Aigul, I am a spiritual consultant and psychic medium. I help people with various issues in their personal lives, business and health.
I provide physical, mental and spiritual healing. I use my clairvoyant abilities, Tarot reading, shamanic techniques and divine guidance in my work with energy.

I live in Moscow and offer readings via Whats app. Please note though that some situations may require physical presence in my office.

I'm an author of 4 books about magic and energy and guest expert on TV on subjects involving occultism and psychology.

If you have a question about your situation, experiences or need advice please do not hesitate to contact me:
Whatsapp +79060719316

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10000 Roubles according to the current rate of Bank of Russia
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30 000 Roubles according to the current rate of Bank of Russia
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You can read my book about Afterlife here
Tales from the Other Side
What is Afterlife and what happens after death? This book from medium Aigul Khousnetdinova opens the veil between two worlds. In her practice she has many interesting cases with ghosts, dead souls and mystical experience.

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